The Oregonian, San Francisco Chronicle, UC Santa Cruz

Journalist and PI Officer

Reported for several newspapers in the SF Bay Area, and wrote for regional and national magazines including Instructor, Learning Magazine, and Darkroom Photography. Also wrote press releases, UC system-wide newsletter articles and maintained a Speakers Bureau and an event calendar as a public information officer for UC Santa Cruz.

My Resume

  • University of California, Berkeley - Master of Journalism

  • University of California, Santa Barbara - Bachelor of Arts in English 

  • Working knowledge of HTML, Wiki formatting, and CMS publishing platform skills in MS Excel and advanced skills in MS Word.

  • Educational Press Association of America, Distinguished Achievement Awards for an article in a series, and for a news feature.

  • Essay selected for the compendium The Kid Turned Out Fine, titled "I Thought You Were Dead, He Said," Adams Media, Avon, Massachusetts, 2006.

Freelance Writer/Editor 

Write news and feature articles for print and online newspapers, magazines and corporate newsletters. 
Also wrote book reviews for Affaire de Coeur Magazine and did editing and fact-checking for two editions of Best Places Portland, published by Sasquatch Books, Seattle. Edited and fact-checked hotel and hostel reviews for a Web-based travel company and wrote restaurant reviews for Portland Cheap Eats, also by Sasquatch Books, and a local newspaper.   



Remilon LLC 

Senior Editor and Writer

Researched, wrote and edited articles on a range of topics concerning education and career options. starting as writer, was rapidly promoted to content editor, guidance editor and finally senior editor. As senior editor, I reviewed the work of junior editors for accuracy and syntax, and worked with writers on my team to develop their skills. I also checked formatting, including HTML and Wiki coding, to ensure it worked with the CMS we used for online publishing. My most significant contribution was to serve as a resource for the writers and editors on my virtual team, giving them support to turn out quality Web content.

Skills and Awards


2009- 2013

2009 and prior

Maureen Mackey

Freelance Writer / Editor