Welcome to my world of love and happily-ever-afters! My name is Maureen Mackey and I write about romance -- including historical, contemporary, and suspenseful romantic tales. I especially enjoy creating the elegant comedy of manners that define a traditional Regency romance. 

Funny and sweet - my love stories will warm your heart, and prove that no matter how, where or when you fall in love, a kiss is still a kiss.  

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The match between Baron Finbury’s daughter Charlotte and Lord Satterly seems ideal to everyone but Charlotte, who’s in love with another. Desperate to escape the arranged marriage, she runs away from her parent’s Mayfair home before they can announce her engagement, stowing away in a carriage bound for Bath where she plans to seek refuge with her aunt. Lord Peter Randolph discovers the stowaway in his carriage and sees through her  disguise, but not before an unplanned night at an inn threatens to ruin her reputation.  As Charlotte struggles to clear her name, she realizes the naïve affection she felt for her first love is nothing compared to the passion she develops for Lord Peter. But is it too late for Lord Peter’s “page” to win his heart?

Romance Reviews Today: "LORD PETER'S PAGE is a merry Regency romp with laugh-out-loud dialogue between the hero and heroine. "

Ivy Quill Reviews:"I had a very difficult time putting this book down, and I highly recommend Lord Peter's Page!"

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